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Executing a Successful Social Media Strategy in 2023

In the dynamic world of today’s digital age, a high impact online presence isn’t just an asset, it’s a requirement.

All About Social is an established social media marketing agency in Australia. Backed by a team of experts with decade-long tenures in the media and marketing space, All About Social is ready to transform the way social media campaigns are delivered.

With the social media landscape changing so quickly and new technologies continually interrupting the marketplace, many businesses feel overwhelmed when it comes to developing successful social media campaigns. All About Social are at the forefront of the latest technology changes and developments to empower businesses to exceed their social media goals.

Within this article, you will discover not only how All About Social can assist your business, but also be reminded of important aspects which need to be considered in the development of a successful social media campaign. From copywriting to design, strategy development, market research, best practice approaches and the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), there are a number of elements to consider.

The history of All About Social

All About Social is the child born from the hugely successful full-service media agency known as All About Media. Since inception in 2005, All About Media has delivered thousands of successful media campaigns across multiple platforms such as television, radio, outdoor, print and online. The background of the business is always a ‘customer first’ approach across all media, campaigns and activations.

As digital and social media channels have come more prevalent in the media channel mix, All About Media lead the charge in always being one step ahead of technology development across formats and buying strategies. Programmatic advertising is one of the key growth areas in this space.

In 2016, All About Social was founded to develop a dedicated team to focus on everything social media related. The service offering was initially focused on developing paid social media platforms, servicing clients from a range of industries and varied objectives. The huge success of the team in this space has led to the expansion and knowledge across all types of social media platforms, from concept through until analytics. Today, All About Social exists as a social media marketing agency in Sydney.

The team at All About Social are dedicated to building successful social media campaigns which not only meet the desired objectives, but also exceed them. Content has been king for decades, but the way that the content is designed and delivered is crucial to campaign success.

Our team of social media experts

As a business, All About Social always prides itself on using the best people for the job. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations for every campaign. As a fully equipped social media marketing agency, we don’t just deliver, we over deliver.

Executing a successful social media strategy takes time and multiple skills. Whether you are working on a Facebook paid ad campaign or a LinkedIn sponsored post, there are multiple elements which need consideration. Expert copywriting and eye-catching design are key elements which make a campaign successful, however, there are a number of components which require deep understanding.

For example, how do you know who your campaign should target? What is the best time of day to reach your target audience on Facebook? Is Instagram of Tik Tok a better platform for reaching and engaging university students?

Or perhaps you’re wondering how to find influencers, or are struggling with elements of creating a Facebook carousel. The great news is that the team at All About Social take the guess work out of the decisions, and you can have your time back to focus on other elements of your business.

How can All About Social help my business?

All About Social can assist any business with any element of a social media campaign, including offering an end-to-end solution. All About Social offers the following all in-house and via our collective team of experts in the relevant fields:

  • Preliminary audience insights and research
  • Auditing existing social profiles and competitors
  • Creative and concept concepts
  • Defining content pillars
  • Find influencers
  • Creative treatment
  • Creation of the physical content in all areas – eg video, animation, live etc
  • Posting deliverables
  • Analytics and optimisation
  • Measurement and reporting


The team are also able to assist with organic (branding) and paid campaigns across many social media platforms including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Snap and more.

All About Social exist to take the guess work out of social media strategy development and execution.

Social media channels

Which social media channel is best for promoting my product or service?

With so many social media platforms existing and emerging, you can trust that the team at All About Social will be able to direct your investment towards a strong return. All About Social has run paid campaigns across social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap, Pinterest and Tik Tok.

How do baby boomers use social media vs millennials?

The team will work with you to understand your key markets and where your audience will be most receptive to your content. Our social media marketing agency has spent time researching generational trends and are able to guide your investment towards the best platform for your product or service.

Creating a successful campaign – where do we begin?

Our initial consultation with you will be a ‘deep dive’ into your brand and product or service to understand the background, goals and contingency planning that has been undertaken. Key to success is a deep understanding of what success looks like on an individual company basis. For example, is the goal to secure several registrations to a certain event, or is it to grow engagement with new posts to a certain level?

Your goals or objectives will be the key behind the customised social media campaign our team will design and present. No two businesses are identical, which is why our social media consultants take an individualised approach to each campaign. Being cost effective and ensuring a ROI is returned on your investment is at the heart of our strategy design.

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help with my social media strategy?

The introduction and discussion of AI within the media and marketing industry is not new. Of course, there are several platforms out there which have been designed to assist and increase efficiency, however, the ‘human touch’ is more important than ever when it comes to brand voice.

While AI can be strategically used to analyse patterns and understand words, it lacks the ability to truly understand the way humans think and feel. Businesses who overuse AI may face some incredibly damaging repercussions when it comes to customer retention and brand strength.

Our team is embracing AI and continue to stay at the forefront of development in this space. It is key to ensuring that a brand keeps its human tone when it comes to any marketing activity.

What next?

If you are wanting to take your social media strategy to the next level, the team at All About Social are ready to assist. Equipped with a talented and well-resourced team of enthusiastic marketing experts, you can be assured of a first-class experience.

Please give us a call on 1300 800 811 or send us an email with your question, and we will be happy to assist.

All About Social is a social media marketing agency based in Australia offering a start to finish marketing service. Contact our team for an initial consultation or enquiry on how we can assist your business in stepping forward with social media marketing.

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